August 6, 2020

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Neighborhood Survey

Please take a moment to complete the neighborhood survey by clicking the link below.

This is an informal survey not intended to be taken as a “vote" but rather as a guide for our Board to gauge what residents might want to see happen in the near future. Please feel free to share your thoughts via this survey as many times or as often as is needed.

2021 Water Quality Report Available

The 2021 Water Quality Report is available on the WSD tab. To view it, visit the WSD tab on this website and click on the button to open it. Please use the Contact Us form if you have any questions.

Look for the 2022 report in early 2023.

Redundant Well Progress

Our well and water system is getting a must needed safety and security face lift that started in the fall of 2020! Fast forward to the fall of 2022 and we have completed drilling and connection to the existing system of a redundant well, filing for our water right, updating the water level management alert system, and improving pumphouse security.

Still in progress is the evaluation of backup system to ensure water delivery in the event of a power failure, building a capital improvement budget for the updates and repairs we know are coming, and leveraging our modest fees by seeking out and securing grant funding opportunities.  For more information please visit the WSD page on this website.

CCR Update Latest

Among the many projects we are plugging through is the modernization of the Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CCRs) documents.  They were first established as the area was developed in 1978 and have since been amended as more homes were added and new issues arose. What has resulted is a package of documents that are hard to read and even harder to decipher! Some of you might not have even received complete CCRs when you purchased your house. 

Now that the area is established, we want to take this opportunity to clean up the documents, make sure owners have a complete copy and get them properly recorded with Flathead County. To accomplish this task we need our help.  Your input is crucial so that these legal documents reflect the way that we want to live in the Meadow Hills HOA. In preparation for this update, we wanted to make sure that each of you was informed as to what to expect and what is expected from each household as we get things organized.

Step 1: Check out the existing CCRs on the Meadow Hills HOA/Water Sewer District (WSD) website.

Step 2: In early 2021, look for a letter from the HOA that includes the proposed changes to simplify and clarify the CCRs. It is our hope that the changes will be straightforward and will simply clarify what is already in the document with minimal changes.

 (We are currently HERE!) Step 3: After you have had a chance to look at the proposed changes we will ask you to visit an electronic survey to do an informal vote about if you would vote to pass the changes or if you would vote no and why. From there the board will go back to the drawing board with the feedback and we’ll repeat step 2 until we feel like we’ll have enough support to pass the changes. Our board by-laws state that ⅔ of our neighborhood must be in support of changes for them to happen.

Step 4: We will collect signatures to adopt the updated CCRs and get this process closed up! 

If you have questions about this process, please reach out via the Contact Us button!

The WSD Is Getting a New Water Operator

After decades of service to our water district, Mark Munsinger is retiring as our water operator. Upon Mark's recommendation, the Board voted in June to contract with Gavin Pirrie who Mark will be training to take over his business. The Board agreed that this is the best course of action due to difficulty finding another water operator who understands our system and/or who has availability to take on clients. The transition will take place during the remainder of 2022 and Gavin will take over in 2023. Thank you Mark for your years of service ensuring our water is flowing and safe.  We look forward to our new partnership with Gavin.


Consideration of a Property Manager for HOA

Our HOA board is currently reviewing the possibility of entering into a contract for professional HOA management services. Discussion on this topic is the result of fewer neighbors being interested or able to help with board operations and the amount of work that is needed to update the CC&Rs and ensure our neighborhoood is flourishing. Please look for communication in the coming months regarding this process and how you can support and contribute to this decision.

Join the Board(s)

Our HOA and WSD joint boards would like to know if you have an interest in serving on the boards. We currently do not have an open seat but want to invite you to join us at our monthly meetings to join a committee or get to know board operations. Seat openings can happen at any time or at the end of a term for an existing board member.

If you are interested or would like more information please visit the Contact Us page and drop us a note!  You can also just hop on an upcoming meeting via Google Meet by clicking on the meeting invite on the calendar below!